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Industry: Advanced Business Services | Technology Design & Development

Jobs: 11 retained, 40 new

Investment: $1,282,870

Company Overview: RED-INC is a Maryland-based provider of top level research, engineering and development, primarily for military and defense applications. In 2016, the company established a small, temporary office in the Buffalo area for local talent to work remotely. The company’s rapid growth and positive experience with its small Buffalo team led it to put down more formal roots in the region. RED-INC now has office and fabrication space in the Larkin Center of Commerce at approximately 7,000 square feet. The fabrication space, equipped with a woodshop, 3D printers, and more equipment, allows for hardware prototyping on-site.

Project Solution: Invest Buffalo Niagara was engaged by the small staff at the Buffalo office hoping to capture the company’s full-scale expansion. InBN helped formulate the business case for expanding in Buffalo Niagara over other geographies considered, including at or near the Maryland headquarters. InBN also identified real estate and coordinated the incentive process. The strong business case and significant state incentive offer convinced RED-INC to not only retain its small local team, but also expand in Buffalo. The company has recruited talent to Buffalo from across the country while also leveraging local talent, including SUNY University at Buffalo engineering graduates. RED-INC is creating high-paying technology jobs in its Buffalo office.