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$25 million yogurt plant planned for Town of Batavia

La Fermiere, a family-owned French yogurt and desserts company, plans to build a 45,000 square foot production facility in the Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park in the Town of Batavia, with plans for future expansion, according to state officials.

March 16, 2022

Thomas Kucharski joins Power 250 countdown

Congratulations to all Buffalo Business First Power 250 List honorees, including many of our investors, partners, and our own President & CEO Thomas Kucharski! We’re grateful for the work each of you do on behalf of our great region.

March 03, 2022

America’s Fastest-Growing Startup Cities

Buffalo, NY makes the top 10 list for fastest growing startup cities in this recent report by

February 07, 2022

Buffalo lands another major tech project in fast-growing Bitwise Industries

“Bitwise can deliver to the world and to the cities a diverse and inclusive technology workforce, where those high-wage, high-skilled jobs now are creating and endeavoring to bolster that local economy,” Soberal told the magazine. Bitwise is the latest high-growth tech company with national cachet to make a meaningful investment in Buffalo.

February 02, 2022


In the first seven years of Business First closely counting startup deals in Buffalo, locally based companies never raised more than a collective $260 million. Then came 2021. Area startups smashed their previous pace of funding last year, with 35 companies raising more than $530 million. Growth-stage tech companies are becoming one of the dominant forces in […]

January 28, 2022

GM plans $154M investment at Lockport plant to make electric vehicle parts

“We believe in the all-EV future and we’re preparing and moving for that,” Johnson said during a news conference at the plant. “Lockport has a great tradition and history and current production doing this kind of work for us, so we’re confident in the team here and their capabilities,” Johnson said. “That’s why they got […]

January 21, 2022

After decades of decline, Buffalo boasts a ‘Refugee Renaissance.’ Can it last?

“As it became apparent that Buffalo had job opportunities, affordable housing, and this welcoming environment, it made sense for us to accommodate more new Americans,” said Denise Beehag, of resettlement agency International Institute of Buffalo.

January 11, 2022

New regional labor assessment ‘critical’ for retaining and recruiting companies

The assessment will give an overview of the regional economy, labor supply, and competitive wage and benefit packages for in-demand positions, based on data collected from the Department of Labor, manufacturing councils and organizations, and companies. “These are things that are critical to convincing companies to come here and for convincing companies that are here […]

January 05, 2022

Another unicorn in Buffalo: worth $1.25B after latest funding round

Tackle has 17 employees in Western New York in a variety of different functions, including sales, customer success, finance and human resources. While the company prioritizes talent over location in all of its hires, Jahnke said, the employee clusters have happened naturally as Tackle has formed a brand in the marketplace. “We plan to double […]

January 05, 2022

Buffalo bucks the bad weather rap

“Paradoxically, though, the region has been transforming into a climate-change haven, drawing on its cooler temperatures, reliable infrastructure and ample fresh water from Lake Erie.”

January 03, 2022