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See what makes Buffalo Niagara the perfect place to expand or relocate your business.


Tech Panel

M&T Bank’s Mike Wisler, HiOperator’s Liz Tsai, and Odoo’s Nicholas Kosinski join this panel hosted by former Buffalo Bill Steve Tasker as they discuss Buffalo’s booming tech sector, job openings within their companies, and the reasons why they are each in Western New York.

Be in Buffalo

Enjoy world-renowned art museums, spacious parks, legendary architecture, and professional sports—all without the trappings of mega-city costs, traffic, and inconvenience.

Are You Right for Buffalo?

With a lower cost of living, quick commutes and a culture that values quality time with family and friends as well as hard work, its easier to manage professional aspirations and leisure time.

Success Story: LegWorks

LegWorks is a Buffalo-based social enterprise enabling amputees globally to walk with confidence.

Success Story: Post Process Technologies

Post Process Technologies is a leading company in the growing additive manufacturing industry, operating and growing in Buffalo, NY.

Engineering the future of advanced manufacturing

Buffalo Niagara has a robust engineering & related workforce of over 33,500 and a strong educational pipeline on the way.

Training Buffalo for what's next

Buffalo Niagara is proactively filling its pipeline of advanced manufacturing talent. The brand-new Northland Workforce Training Center (NWTC) is a state-of-the-art training center for the manufacturing and energy industries.

Skilled advanced manufacturing workforce

Buffalo Niagara offers many assets to advanced manufacturers: Low-cost operating, handsome incentives, available real estate, and, maybe most importantly, a skilled and large workforce.

Affordable Office Spaces

Buffalo Niagara has affordable Class A and B office space, a talented workforce, and great quality of life.

Affordable Industrial Space

Advanced manufacturing companies find success in #Buffalo Niagara for many reasons- including affordable industrial space.

20-Minute City

Getting around in Buffalo Niagara is easy. With seven ports of entry into Canada, a convenient airport, and great connectivity, you’ll never waste your day on a commute.

Perfectly positioned for success

With 40% of the North American population within a 10-hour drive and seven international ports, the Buffalo Niagara region is perfectly positioned to help your business reach its customers and grow.

Affordable Hydropower

Buffalo Niagara region offers many assets attractive to businesses, including affordable hydropower- thanks Niagara Falls!

Advanced Manufacturing Incentives

Buffalo Niagara is a low cost destination for advanced manufacturing companies.

ReCharge NY Incentive Webinar

Learn about our complimentary business expansion services and NYS’s signature incentive.

Access the U.S.

Canadian businesses expand to the U.S. to avoid bridge costs and delays, obtain Made in USA labels, and access the large U.S. market.

In Buffalo Niagara, Doors are Opening

In Buffalo Niagara, doors are opening. Business relocating or expanding to the region enjoy office space costing 40% less than major metros, a large and talented labor pool, and great, affordable amenities.

Build it in Buffalo Niagara

How do you build a region perfect for advanced manufacturing? You build it like Buffalo Niagara. And how do you build a successful advanced manufacturing company? You build it in Buffalo Niagara.
Grow your Business in Buffalo Niagara.

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