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Food and Beverage Processing

Buffalo Niagara is Ideal for Food and Beverage Processing

The Buffalo Niagara region is a cornerstone of New York State’s $3.6 billion agribusiness and food and beverage processing industries. New York is America’s fourth-largest dairy-producing state –and Buffalo Niagara is the state’s top producer of dairy products, producing more than 3 billion pounds of fluid milk annually. The Buffalo Niagara region is home to a strong and growing cluster of more than 1,000 companies and Erie County is developing a new 240-acre Agribusiness Park for this growing industry.
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The industry employs thousands of employees in areas like frozen food manufacturing, dairy production and processing, ice cream and frozen desserts, cheese manufacturing, dried and dehydrated food manufacturing, and pet food manufacturing. We’ve assisted many of them and we can help you grow in Buffalo Niagara too! Explore our resources, then contact us to assist with your project. Our economic development professionals can provide site location assistance, labor market and demographics analysis, market research, facilitate state and local incentive applications, and much more – all confidentially.

Why Buffalo Niagara?

Companies are Choosing Buffalo Niagara

Food and beverage processing companies from across the country choose Buffalo Niagara because of its unique regional advantages.

Sources: US Census Bureau and Statistics Canada (population), Lightcast (establishments and employment), US Department of Transportation (trade and freight data)

Reliable Infrastructure

Our region offers an abundance of fresh water and water aquifers thanks to our strategic location on the shores of the Niagara River and lakes Erie and Ontario. Regional municipal sewer and wastewater treatment facilities can easily accommodate your needs.

Robust educational ecosystem

Your company will enjoy a robust talent pipeline thanks to nationally ranked programs at Cornell University, Alfred University, Erie Community College, and others.

An Existing, Skilled Workforce

Thousands of people in Buffalo Niagara work in agribusiness and food and beverage processing—and these industries include some of our fastest growing occupations. 

Resource Guide

Buffalo Niagara Food & Beverage Processing Brochure

Invest Buffalo Niagara has helped dozens of food and beverage processing companies expand or relocate to the Buffalo Niagara region. Learn more about available support from the region’s 21 colleges and universities, including one of the country’s premier food science programs at Cornell University. Find out how these institutions offer research collaboration opportunities and laboratory testing and educational opportunities for your company’s future workforce. And learn about how companies like yours thrive in Buffalo Niagara.

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