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Accelerate Second Stage Company Growth

Second stage companies typically have the potential for additional sustained growth but lack access to the sophisticated tools and concepts of larger companies. Our economic gardening program has helped a couple dozen local companies identify their growth potential.

Cost-Effective Business Environment

Unlock your business potential in Buffalo Niagara—we help with incentive program identification and coordination across local, regional, and statewide economic development organizations. Need to grow and expand your production capabilities? You may be eligible for matching grants.

A Place People Want to Live

You found the perfect candidate for that job you’ve been trying to fill. Now, you’ve just got to convince them why they should live here. We’ve got you covered with a recruiters toolkit and relocation guide.


Let us Help you Navigate a Business Expansion

Is your company’s facility at capacity? Connecting with the right people, collecting data, applying for incentives, and even identifying space are critical steps in the process. That is where we come in. Our team of project management experts can make sure your business is doing its due diligence on an expanded location decision.

Unlock Growth Potential

Invest Buffalo Niagara’s Economic Gardening program provides local second-stage companies with free tailored assistance and sophisticated data tools. Participating companies gain valuable insights through market research, competitor intelligence, GIS computer maps, and analysis in various business areas. By committing 8 –12 hours to the process — leveraging national consultants’ expertise — CEOs can make data-backed decisions to accelerate growth, innovation, and revenues. This unique opportunity allows forward-thinking companies in Buffalo Niagara to access tools typically available to larger corporations, paving the way for sustainable success.

Our unique solutions make it easier than ever to grow your business here.

Economic Gardening uses the best corporate level tools we can find.

Commercial Database Searching

These services are by subscription only and much more focused than general Internet searches. Typical research includes markets, competitor intelligence, new product releases, potential customers, and regulations.

Deep Web

Internet searches are easy for anyone to do but much of the valuable information is buried in the deep web beyond the first three pages of results. Knowing where these exotic databases and information sources are is critical to high quality work.

Geographic Information Systems

GIS is computerized mapping of data and typically is used to spot densities of customers, potential markets, trade areas and competitors.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is used to get web sites as high in Google searches as possible. There are a number of known factors that Google considers and our experts will identify any problem areas on your web sites. Further, we will assist you with keyword research to be used in web marketing programs. We also provide social media options for finding watering holes of your targeted market.

Listening Posts

We have developed ways to monitor the operating environment that are improvements over simple Google alerts. We filter out noise and focus on high quality sources.

Network Mapping

Maltego is a tool that diagrams the networks on the web, on twitter and Facebook. Understanding networks is important in developing qualified sales leads.

The Economic Gardening Timeline

Apply Now

How do I apply?

For-profit, privately held second stage companies headquartered in Erie, Niagara, and Chautauqua counties may apply by downloading this application. Completed application should be emailed to [email protected] with Economic Gardening as the subject line.

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We've made it simple and painless to grow your business to in Buffalo Niagara.

Invest Buffalo Niagara’s, free and confidential, Economic Gardening Program helps local companies grow new verticals, enhance business models, and make data-backed, growth-minded decisions.


Determine if your company is a fit for Invest Buffalo Niagara’s Economic Gardening program.

Let us Manage your Economic Gardening Project

Spend 8–12 hours on meetings with the Invest Buffalo Niagara team and consultants from the National Center for Economic Gardening to deep dive into your business, potential growth areas, competitive analysis, and more.

Find Success in Buffalo Niagara

Implement the program’s recommendations for further success in Buffalo Niagara. And our services don’t end there. Upon implementing project strategies, we’re here to provide insights on hiring, connections to regional partners, and even assist with your future expansion projects in Western New York.

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Browse through a range of commercial properties tailored to suit every business need in the thriving Buffalo Niagara region. From modern office spaces to development locations, discover the perfect space to elevate your business and capitalize on the region’s growth opportunities.


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