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Advanced Business Services

Buffalo Niagara is Ideal for Advanced Business Services

An impressive cluster of more than 3,800 advanced business services companies—like M&T Bank, GEICO, HSBC, Odoo, and Delaware North—are thriving in the Buffalo Niagara region. Companies that provide services like data processing, technology, insurance, and back-office support are especially strong here. With a collaborative innovation ecosystem, access to talent, and a low cost of living in a region with a highly desired lifestyle, your company will be perfectly positioned to succeed in Buffalo Niagara too.
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We have assisted more than 60 advanced business services companies’ expansions in the Buffalo Niagara region, including Yahoo!, Odoo, GEICO, Sparq, and AML RightSource—we can help you grow here too! Explore our resources, then contact us to assist with your project. Our economic development professionals can provide site location assistance, labor market and demographics analysis, market research, facilitate state and local incentive applications, and much more—all confidentially.

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Why Buffalo Niagara?

Forward-Thinking Companies are Thriving in Buffalo Niagara

The region offers a revitalized central business district in downtown Buffalo, a world-class waterfront highlighted by Niagara Falls, and accessible amenities in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The perfect culture for your advanced business services company. Explore the benefits below.

Data Sources: US Census Bureau (millennial population), Invest Buffalo Niagara Labor Market Assessment (turnover rate), Lightcast (establishments and employment)

Environmental Advantage

The region's mild climate and minimal risk of natural disasters make it an optimal location for data processing companies. With average temperatures around 48°F and rare occurrences of extreme weather, businesses can minimize design, cooling, and ventilation costs while ensuring operational continuity. Furthermore, Buffalo Niagara's low risk from tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes enhances its appeal as a secure and resilient business environment.

Affordable Office Space

With an average cost of $19.50 per square foot, Class A office spaces in Buffalo Niagara offer significant savings compared to major metro areas. Downtown hubs, like Main Street's live/work corridor with access to Metro Rail, provide convenient amenities and transportation options. 

A Tech Sector Catalyst

Buffalo Niagara is home to the Tech Academy, a regional hub established by M&T Bank. The Tech Academy serves as a center to train, reskill and upskill employees, and hire the next generation of tech talent. And the results will benefit not only M&T in its hiring efforts, but also all Buffalo technology companies and the wider region.

Valuable Incentives

Buffalo Niagara offers valuable incentives, including property tax exemptions and incentives for data processing centers. As one of only 10 states nationwide where personal property is exempt from state and local taxes, businesses can realize significant cost savings on capital investments, such as servers, computers, and infrastructure.

Economic Viability

Competitive yet reasonable wages alongside a low cost of living create an economically viable environment for both businesses and employees. While the region's median salary for software developers is 20% lower than the national average, its affordability compared to similar metro areas like Philadelphia, Chicago, and Boston allows for a higher quality of life.

Robust Transportation Infrastructure

Buffalo Niagara offers extensive interstate highway systems, affordable air travel, and comprehensive public transit options, ensuring connectivity and accessibility for businesses and employees. With convenient access to 21 cities and 24 airports, the region facilitates seamless travel and logistics for corporate operations.

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