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Coworking spaces have long offered the flexibility desired by solo-preneurs and freelancers alike. But the COVID-19 pandemic, its impacts on the economy, and work-from-home policies have increased the importance of amenity-rich coworking spaces and community building centers. Buffalo Niagara has no short supply. Whether you need a reprieve from working from home or a temporary spot to place your growing company, coworking spaces offer flexible solutions, a diverse community, and cross industry interactions.

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Caffeinate and Create in Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces offer a wide variety of top-notch amenities. Many of them depend on the space that you’re considering, but you can guarantee WiFi, cool vibes, and a lot of coffee. HANSA, one of Buffalo’s largest coworking spaces, has several different plug-and-play options for flexible office space, including tiered office sizes ready to fit growing teams of up to 10 people like Rural Sourcing who we recently helped expanded to Buffalo. The company is leasing temporary space to begin its hiring process immediately.

There is no shortage of inspiration to be found either, with each of these locations boasting beautiful layouts, greenery, art installations, and community building resources to network with fellow office mates. Some spots even specialize in certain industries.


“Coworking spaces offer flexible and customized solutions for its members. It solves problems for people, and when you’re able to listen to people’s needs and deliver a product that works for them, it facilitates trust and creates a solid foundation for community, which has become increasingly important for the remote & WFH workforce.” – Erin Wilson, HANSA, Community Manager