Healthcare Software Start-Up Launches in Buffalo Niagara

Release date: 7/7/2015

Region continues to foster a thriving entrepreneurial community 

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Entrepreneurial investment opportunities continue to flourish as Buffalo Niagara Enterprise (BNE) formally announced its successful attraction of Healthcare Management Software Developer, Patient Pattern to Buffalo, New York. The company will hire 20 people and invest $355,000 at its new location in the University at Buffalo’s Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences (CBLS) on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

The growing complexity in navigating the health care system, particularly for elderly patients, is compounded by the lack of specialists in the industry to diagnose and assess geriatric needs. To address this problem Patient Pattern has developed a web-based application that gives doctors, home health care providers, health care advocates, family members, and in some cases even the patients themselves, a platform to develop highly customized and comprehensive care plans, ultimately resulting in greater control and optimal outcomes. Patient Pattern provides their services to local care management companies, post-acute care programs, hospitals and home care agencies to help them understand how to best care for their complex patients.

Patients, with input from medical professionals and caregivers, undertake a validated assessment through a smart survey, which learns from each response and tailors subsequent questions based upon those responses. The end product is a Comprehensive Care Plan that summarizes the current situation, tracks progress or decline and delivers recommendations along the way to improve decision-making and preparedness.

“Our user-friendly, web-based application collects information and transforms it into a care plan based on a fitness score,” said Dr. Steven Buslovich, a practicing geriatrician and founder of Patient Pattern. “It assesses risk and vulnerability and provides for the creation of a very personalized treatment approach consistent with the patient’s priorities and expectations of care,” Dr. Buslovich added.

Patient Pattern was originally founded in western Connecticut and operated virtually as it refined and developed its software. As the company considered locations for launching the product, they were attracted by the Start-Up NY Program and the potential to align with the University at Buffalo. Start-Up NY creates tax-free zones across New York State for new and expanding businesses that partner with a college or university. BNE supported Patient Pattern in its relocation to the region by introducing the company to Start-Up NY and other potential incentive programs, and also by assisting with site selection and facilitating introductions to potential local partners in the healthcare sector.

“We saw Patient Pattern as a perfect fit to our life sciences communities growing focus on personalized medicine, and we were very pleased to assist them in coming to the Buffalo Niagara region,” said BNE President & CEO Thomas Kucharski. “Not only are they are creating jobs and investing here, we believe their exciting product can bring better care management to our community, significantly improving the quality of life for our aging residents and their families and care givers,” Kucharski added.

The high-level computational capacity of U.B.’s Center for Computational Research (CCR), as well as opportunities to collaborate with the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences for clinical trials, were key factors driving Patient Pattern’s desire to partner with U.B.

“The University at Buffalo is excited to partner with Patient Pattern in this groundbreaking economic development program that is driving innovation, investment and job growth in the Buffalo Niagara region,” said Christina Orsi, associate vice president for economic development at UB. “Patient Pattern’s focus on improving health care, especially for the elderly, makes it an ideal partner for UB’s expert medical researchers, and enterprising students and recent graduates.”

Partnering with Margaret Sayers, a local Geriatric Nurse Practitioner and healthcare advocate, has led to new products and “bench to bedside” applications. “As health and medical professionals dedicated to improving people’s quality of life, we are excited by the potential we see our product has in driving solutions for the sandwich generation by creating a good plan for mom and dad to help them keep their independence,” said Dr. Buslovich. “That’s why we chose this line of work and at the end of the day that’s what inspires us,” he concluded.

About Patient Pattern – Patient Pattern is a Health IT and data analytics software company founded in 2013. It uses mobile and web-based smart-survey technology to generate a comprehensive health risk assessment to determine levels of physiologic fitness and provides predictive and practical intelligence using evidence-based clinical algorithms. To learn more, visit

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