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Project Overview

LegWorks aims to develop and supply all components of a complete prosthetic leg solution for lower limb amputees and currently sells an innovative prosthetic knee joint called the All-Terrain Knee. LegWorks is a for-profit social enterprise, enabling amputees globally to walk with confidence. Many of the advances in the prosthetic limb industry are out of reach for those in need. In the developing world, only one out of ten people in need have the access or means to secure these new innovations. LegWorks has found a need in the global marketplace for better, more functional devices at a lower price point.


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Project Solution

As a small startup, LegWorks was previously spread thin, with an engineering team in Toronto and leadership and operations in San Francisco. The LegWorks team wanted to consolidate that geographic sprawl, while remaining in the United States to avoid immigration issues. They also wanted affordable office space, a booming entrepreneurial ecosystem, and access to top-tier talent as the team continues to grow. The easy answer was Buffalo. Invest Buffalo Niagara (InBN) helped to make the business case for Buffalo and coordinated a site search for office space. Upon arrival, InBN continued to facilitate connections to universities, for collaboration and internship opportunities, and funding opportunities within the entrepreneurial ecosystem for further growth. LegWorks hit the ground running in Buffalo.

“The rapidly advancing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Buffalo, tied with the grit and work ethic that the city has always been known for, creates the perfect combination for our startup. There’s a sort of blue collar tech in Buffalo.” – Brandon Burke, Director of Partnership Development

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