Energy Programs

Low-Cost Hydropower (NYPA)

Low-cost hydropower has been reserved by New York State law for companies planning to build or expand in the Buffalo Niagara region. The program offers renewable hydroelectric power at an extremely affordable cost. Allocations depend on project size and scope, in particular, new job creation. This program is administered by the New York Power Authority (NYPA) and is allocated through a competitive application process. An eligible project must be physically located in the state of NY and within a 30-mile radius of the NYPA Niagara Power Project in Lewiston.

Reduced Rates for Excelsior companies (electric and natural gas)

National Grid and NYSEG (electric) and National Fuel (natural gas) provide reduced utility rates for economic development projects accepted into the Excelsior Jobs Program.  Existing customers must increase demand, while new customers must add new load. Qualified projects are eligible for discounted rates for up to a ten-year period.

Utility Infrastructure Programs

Electric and natural gas utilities in Buffalo Niagara provide targeted programs for companies look to expand their business into the region.  Programs can alleviate costs associated with infrastructure improvements, capital investments, and brownfield redevelopment, and other development costs.

NYSERDA Programs

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) offers a wide range of programs to help residents and businesses across New York State become more energy efficient and use more renewable energy. These programs give New Yorkers access to funding, technical expertise, and information about proven clean-energy technologies and processes that reduce energy waste, save money, and protect the environment


ReCharge NY is an economic development program designed to retain and create jobs by allocating low-cost power to businesses and non-profit organizations via a competitive process governed by the New York State Economic Development Power Allocation Board (EDPAB) and NYPA’s Board of Trustees. Watch our recent webinar and then download PDF with additional details. Call us to further discuss.

Municipal Power Districts 

Certain municipalities in the Buffalo Niagara region own and operate their own public utility power generation infrastructure, offering lower power rates to its commercial & industrial power users.