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Industry: Life Sciences

Jobs: 15

Investment: $1,035,000

Company Overview: FroggaBio is a Toronto-based leading distributor of laboratory products, supply instruments, reagents, and disposables. FroggaBio serves customers within academic and industrial research institutes, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals. Company leadership originally considered a U.S. expansion in 2013 and they began engaging with Invest Buffalo Niagara (InBN). At that time, the company incorporated in the US, but decided not to pursue its own bricks and mortar location.

Project Solution:

In 2018, with a renewed interest in pursuing a permanent U.S. location, company leadership re-engaged with InBN. Western New York’s strategic location offered quick access to major U.S. metros throughout the Northeast. InBN quickly organized a site broadcast to identify possible locations for FroggaBio’s new expansion. Company leadership also visited Buffalo Niagara for a series of cross border due diligence and real estate site tours coordinated by InBN. Subsequently, FroggaBio identified a location in the Town of Wheatfield where they are now leasing approximately 5,000 square feet of space for their U.S. expansion. FroggaBio projects to hire up to 15 employees over a five-year ramp up, investing over $1 million. 

“We are thrilled for FroggaBio to join the ranks of Buffalo Niagara’s many life sciences companies – an expansion five years in the making – and we look forward to seeing its business continue to grow in the US and beyond,” said Alan Rosenhoch, InBN director, business development.