Zoom Zoom

Zoom Zoom

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Industry: Advanced Business Services

Jobs: 14

Investment: $68,000

Incentives: Startup NY

Company Overview:

Zoom Zoom is a ride-sharing company founded in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The company founder began offering rides during his time at university. As the business grew, Walid began building a back-end platform and app for ride-sharing customers. Walid realized the opportunity to expand his business to a similar market in the U.S., offering a more local option for ride-sharing customers.

Project Solution:

InBN connected the company to startup resources including Startup NY for incentives. After being approved for the Startup NY program, the company was having some issues acquiring insurance so InBN introduced the company to insurance brokers to help. We also facilitated conversations around accounting and legal assistance as well as funding advice.

Now that the company has moved their headquarters to Buffalo, Zoom Zoom continues to gain momentum. InBN introduced the company to the Buffalo Niagara Partnership and they are now participating in the Minority-Owned Business Initiative.