SWS Warning Lights Inc.

SWS Warning Lights Inc.

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Industry: Advanced Manufacturing

Jobs: 6

Investment: $2,335,784

Company Overview:

SWS Warning Lights Inc. (SWS) is a Canadian-based advanced manufacturing company that assembles safety warning lights for the construction industry. Their product is often found on snow plows, construction vehicles, and road construction signage. As SWS grew, they saw significant opportunities in the U.S. market, especially since their raw materials were being sourced from the U.S. An expansion to the U.S. would also help the company penetrate the larger U.S. market, establish a Made in the USA product, and reduce overall operating costs. 

Project Solution:

InBN provided assistance throughout SWS’s expansion process as it narrowed in on Buffalo Niagara based on its close proximity to the company’s original Canadian headquarters in Niagara Falls, Ontario. InBN coordinated meetings to discuss critical items like US incorporation, tax and accounting strategies, immigration, establishing credit and bank accounts in the U.S., and human resource compliance on this side of the border. This allowed SWS to fully understand how to structure the company in the U.S. and operate most effectively between the two countries. InBN also conducted SWS’s site search by gathering building information and real estate options based on their building criteria and arranged building tours according to their preferred site list. 

SWS began U.S. operations with a 4,000 sq. ft. distribution center to improve American logistics and pledged to create six new jobs in the first five years of operations. Within one year, SWS has already expanded to manufacturing its first line of Made in USA products.