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Advanced Business Services

Invest Buffalo Niagara has assisted more than 60 advanced business services companies expand or startup in the region like Yahoo!, One Touch Direct, AML RightSource, and Rural Sourcing. The Buffalo Niagara region is a hub for companies that provide services like data processing, technology, insurance, and back office support. With regional business amenities, access to talent, and a low cost of living in a region with a highly desired lifestyle, your company will be perfectly positioned to succeed in Buffalo Niagara.

47 colleges and universities within 100 miles of downtown Buffalo
millennial workforce 300,000 millennials (and growing) in the Buffalo Niagara region
low turnover rate low turnover rate 15% less than other comparable metro regions

Why Advanced Business Services Companies Are Thriving In Buffalo Niagara

An impressive cluster of more than 3,800 advanced business services companies—like M&T Bank, GEICO, HSBC, and Delaware North—are thriving in the Buffalo Niagara region, which offers an existing skilled workforce exceeding 55,000 people. 

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Talent and companies from across the country are succeeding in Buffalo Niagara because our region offers everything that forward-thinking advanced business services companies need:

  • An existing skilled and dedicated workforce with competitive yet reasonable wages
  • A full pipeline of up-and-coming talent & a regional talent attraction initiative – Be in Buffalo.
  • An extensive public transportation network, convenient interstate highway system, and reliable & affordable air service
  • Highly competitive real estate costs with a variety of unique options
  • Low-cost renewable energy from Niagara Falls
  • A mild climate safe from natural disasters
  • Research and development partnerships

The region also offers a revitalized Central Business District in downtown Buffalo, a world-class waterfront highlighted by Niagara Falls, and accessible amenities in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The perfect culture for your advanced business services company.

Data Sources: US Census Bureau (millennial population), Invest Buffalo Niagara Labor Market Assessment (turnover rate), Lightcast (establishments and employment)


Invest Buffalo Niagara is well equipped to assist in your business expansion project. View tips and planning form to get started. For additional data, incentive highlights, support services, real estate options, and an expansion checklist, download our free Advanced Business Services guide.

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“The old adage it’s not what you know it’s who you know - it goes much further here than in many other markets. Put yourself in places where organic opportunities happen for collisions!” – Tim Porter, CTO, ModTech Labs