Pressure Drop Brewing

Pressure Drop Brewing

Industry: Agribusiness

Jobs: 7 New

Investment: $523,568

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Company Overview:

Karl Kolbe was born and raised in the Buffalo Niagara region. However, for the last seven years he has been brewing beer in Sacramento, California. Though craft beers captured his palate, Buffalo Niagara always had his heart.

When he decided he wanted to open his own brewery, he knew the City of Buffalo was the place. He and some partners went in on the business together, and thus, Pressure Drop Brewing was born. They will be brewing around eight beers at a time from 40 recipes, alternating them based on season. Their IPA-heavy beer will be ready in October.

Project Solution: 

Invest Buffalo Niagara worked with Kolbe on incorporation, permits, licenses, utilities, and possible incentives before he moved forward with a lease agreement and business set up. Buffalo presented more access, support, and a greater market share than other regions, Kolbe said. The company, Pressure Drop Brewing, has moved into the Barrel Factory in the Old First Ward, which is a completely renovated 1903 building.

Their neighbors will include a distillery, winery, kombucha tea brewer, and restaurant. Kolbe calls his new company’s space, “A maker’s paradise.” His greatest advice to companies thinking about coming to the Buffalo Niagara region? “Meet with the team at Invest Buffalo Niagara.”