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Succeeding Across Borders

Canadian businesses preparing to expand internationally have several compelling reasons to rank the United States high on their list of prospects. The simplest of these reasons: a population market that is approximately ten times the size of Canada’s. The similarities shared between the U.S. and Canada in terms of business practices, highly developed infrastructure, currency and an English-speaking labor force make the decision to look directly south of the border clear.

Made in U.S.A. label
40% of the bi-national population within 500 miles (800 km)
Low-cost green & reliable power source with state-allocated hydropower

Get all the information you need to help expand your business to the U.S. with all 3 editions of the Canadian guide to expansion. These helpful tools provide in-depth expert analysis on incorporation, immigration, tax and accounting, human resources, and more.

“I’m surprised more Canadians selling to the U.S. are not expanding their facilities to the U.S. Being close to the market is key and the cost of doing business is much cheaper.” - Gene Karall, Jr. Owner, GoGoPak