Urban Brownfield Redevelopment Park

Urban Brownfield Redevelopment Park

Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park (BLCP) is the premier brownfield redevelopment project in the City of Buffalo on reclaimed waterfront land, with multi-modal transportation opportunities and excellent access to the interstate. Learn more about Brownfields. Search our database for additional properties.

Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park

Size: Approximately 105 acres with sites from 2 to 30 acres available

Zoned: Mixed Use (office & light industrial)

Located: Off  NYS Route 5 highway and close to the I-190 with two access roads; surrounded by thruway businesses (gas stations and truck stops) immediately off of the I-90 exit and agricultural land.

Utility: Electric power is served by National Grid. Natural Gas is served by National Fuel.

Benefits: Smart growth urban business park on reclaimed waterfront land with NYS Empire Zone benefits and potential Brownfield Tax Credits.

Price: $45,000 to $55,000 per acre